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Cisco Meraki Sentinel SIEM integration

Posted in November, 2023

Falco Container Security Monitoring with Sentinel SIEM

Posted in May, 2023

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE) on Linux AWS EC2

Posted in February, 2023


Detect phishing attack with Zscaler and Sentinel

Posted in December, 2022

Enrich Geolocation IP in Sentinel SIEM

Posted in October, 2022

Azure MFA Bombing detection with Sentinel SIEM

Posted in September, 2022

Fortinet Firewall Threat Hunting with Sentinel

Posted in June, 2022

Podcast: Make Vulnerability Management a key pillar in your Cyber Security Program

Posted in April, 2022

Okta IAM Threat Hunting SIEM use-cases for Sentinel

Posted in March, 2022


Supply Chain Backdoor Attack in CCTV IP-Cameras

Posted in June, 2021

Real-time SSH Dashboard for Security Monitoring

Posted in April, 2021

Secure Encrypted Backups on Linux

Posted in April, 2021

Spawning multiple Reverse Shells on a LAN Turtle

Posted in March, 2021


Low-cost BadUSB Rubber Ducky Pentest Tool in action

Posted in December, 2020

icmpdoor - a ICMP Reverse Shell in Py3 for Linux and Windows 10

Posted in November, 2020

Setting up nftables Firewall as a Defense Perimeter

Posted in June, 2020

Enterprise Security Framework to mitigate modern threats on Windows 10

Posted in May, 2020

How to configure OpenSSH with YubiKey Security Keys U2F Authentication on Ubuntu 18.04

Posted in Feburary, 2020

CVE2019-23910 Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in sdkl version 3.2 and below

Posted in January, 2020

How to Backup data on a Linux Cloud VPS. 4 Free and Easy Automatic Backup Methods to stay safe

Posted in January, 2020


WireGuard VPN Server on a Cloud VPS on OpenBSD 6.6 with Full Disk Encryption

Posted in November, 2019

Edge OpenBSD PF Firewall - Securing the first gate of your network

Posted in August, 2019

Securce OpenVPN setup with X.509, LDAP and 2FA authentication on Ubuntu 18.04

Posted in August, 2019

Advanced Perimeter based iptables firewall on Linux boxes

Posted in July, 2019

How to properly secure your SSHD deamon with Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Posted in July, 2019

OpenWrt Wireless Access Point Bridge with 802.1X PEAP

Posted in June, 2019