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Who We Are

We believe in security by design, industry standards and open-source network systems on your edge

Every day we see cyber security threats around us. The only way to do security right is by applying security in-depth. Security management is our speciality. We can help protect your organisation's network and data, thereby protecting your brand, business and reputation.

Network Security

Network segregation can be complex in large environments but necessary. We have experience with the most sophisticated firewalling solutions and Intrusion Prevention or Detection Systems (IPS/ IDS) to get real insights into your network. Find out how Cryptsus looks at network security here and here.


The cipher-suites and underlying crypto algorithms your organisation is using can either break or protect you. We help you choose and implement a crypto framework for your organisation. NIST ECDHE curves or Ed25519? We understand the importance and differences between security and compliance requirements. Read more about crypto in this blog post.


Do your people VPN in and out from your organisation? Do you have several layers of defense in-place for your hybrid and/ or cloud environment? Can you detect a reverse shell out of your trusted zone? We've got you covered. Find out more about our security building blocks in this blog post.

Identity and Access Management

How do you detect unauthorized logins to your systems or even a privilege escalation? We will implement and manage Privileged Access Management (PAM) within your IT-environment in an easy and secure fashion. Read more on how we can integrate VPN solution with IAM here.

What We Do

Our professional services

Security threats are the new normal. It is therefore important to strengthen your organisation's risk posture. We have experience with Linux, Microsoft, AWS, Azure, VMware, Kubernetes, and modern-day IT-landscapes and transitions to the cloud. We are also proficient in HSM PKI management, Host-based Intrusion Detection Systems (HIDS), monitoring solutions and data center security.

Security Assessments

IT-systems, applications and networks are increasingly becoming more and more complex. This complexity burden also causes potential security vulnerabilities. Together with your organisation, we will identify and mitigate these risks. We specialize in IT-infrastructure's, cryptography, IT-systems and networks, mitigating risks and securing against malicious entities.

Security Architecture

Secure by design - this is the vision of Cryptsus. We help you choose the right building blocks to create a secure landing platform for your data and business applications. We understand AWS and Azure cloud and data center security controls. Find out more about our building blocks, security frameworks and controls on our blog.


Compliance standards might require you to perform a risk assessment that identifies critical assets, threats, and vulnerabilities. We can help organisations identify, prioritize and manage security risks to protect sensitive data and ultimately achieving compliance with PCI-DSS, ISO framework and/or governmental standards. We will provide you with a risk report overview and help you pass your audit reviews.


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